Drink Drive

Drink Drive

Drink Drive

A drink driving charge is a serious offence. It can lead to a person losing their licence, being fined, or in the worse scenarios, being sent to prison.

Drink driving charges in NSW are known as offences of “driving with a prescribed concentration of alcohol.” There are different categories of offences, including low range, mid range and high range. The penalties that the court can impose differ for each category.

Losing your licence can often have devastating affect on a person’s life. It limits their freedom and can even result in them losing their job.

In NSW there is no potential to obtain a “work licence” and there is no scheme that allows you to drive if you have otherwise been disqualified. It is therefore important to get the right legal advice to get the best court result.

We take the time to listen to your story. We offer personal and professional criminal law advice and listen to your needs.

Hennikers has expert criminal defence lawyers who can fight to get the best result in your drink driving case.

We advise you of your rights and take the stress out of your court case. We get you ready for court and make sure you are fully prepared. We can help you get expert reports and references to help your case. We explain the Court process and procedures so you understand what is happening.

You don’t have to face criminal charges, like drink driving, alone. Too often lawyers do not listen to their clients and this affects their case. We are here to help you.

Don’t risk your future. Our experienced drink driving lawyers can provide you with the help you need to get the best possible result in your criminal case.

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