Property Settlement

Property Settlement

Property Settlement

Hennikers is focused on achieving the best outcome for you in your property settlement.

We put the client first, we are focused on your needs.

Hennikers takes a robust and attentive approach to your property settlement. Our primary focus is on achieveing a fast and costs effective property settlement for you.

Married couples have up to 12 months after their Divorce Order is granted to apply for a property settlement. People in a defacto relationship have 2 years from the date of their separation to apply for a property settlement. After these periods the court can refuse to consider any Orders for a property settlement under the Family Law Act.

Our first priority is to try help the parties negotiate a quick and fair property settlement. We can assist the parties exchange financial information to ensure you are fully informed of all matters during property negotiations. We can provide you fair and sound advice on your legal rights and help the parties come to a quick and costs effective agreement.

If an agreement can be negotiated then we can formalise the property settlement without the need for any party to step foot inside a court room. Our experienced lawyers can prepare all the necessary paperwork to formalise your settlement through Consent Orders or Binding Financial Agreement.

Unfortunately sometimes property settlements can not be negotiated, often because one side is being unfair or unreasonable in their approach to negotiations.

We are here to get the best property settlement for you, which sometimes means taking action to go to court.

Our experienced Family Law Lawyers can help you every step of the way. If you are concerned that assets are being hidden or undervalued we can investigate for you. We have experience in obtaining financial information to ensure you are fully informed, even when the other side are trying to hide things. We can even help with getting expert valuations on your home or business. A property settlement is a financial decision that will impact on the rest of your life. Take the guess work out of the decision and contact us today.

We are here to take the stress out of your settlement and guide your through the complex Family Court system. While it may be a daunting and new experience for you, our experienced Family Lawyers do this every day. Let Hennikers share our wealth of experience and knowledge with you to achieve the result you want.

Seek advice from the best. You can rest assured that at Hennikers you will getting the absolute best advice and legal support in your case.

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